Laura Magdalene has been on a journey of the soul that encompasses the womb of the Mother, the birthing process and the creativity that is leading us toward the Golden Age. These are the teachings and insights that were shown to her along the way and reveal the essence of her personal growth – as well as humanity's evolution and transformative process towards reestablishing balance with nature, the cosmos and planet as a whole.

This is an opportunity to view one's own soul more clearly, and to understand how nature affects our journey and alignment to spirit, sacred union, divine will and our physical experience on Earth. This can assist us in the process of surrendering, healing and illuminating the wisdom of our true selves and the unconditional love of the breath of life. Laura has come to discover that these truths will set us free and that they already reside in our DNA code – the matrix of creation that we all have deep within our being. She is here to awaken this, as she has been awakening it within herself.


The Goddess:
Emerging the Sacred Feminine

– Goddess names, history, myths and aspects
– Thousand named Goddess – Maiden, Mother, Crone
– Barbelo-Sophia, Pistis-Sophia and Achamoth-Sophia
– Chaos and the Womb of creation
– Venus, the journey below and the return to earth
– My personal path and story
– Pentagram and tree of life, inverted pentagram and matter
– The Goddess as world soul – how she reveals the Earth's experience and evolution
– Birthing the world, from big bang and beyond
– Soul mastery and the creative matrix
– Patriarchy and the fall of the divine feminine
– Planting the seed of light and watering it with tears
– Breaking free from the Underworld and forces of suppression and control
– Living in exile, as a lone spritual warrior
– Heaven, earth, and the underworld: the Goddess body as creation
– The true nature of the divine and the voice of the holy spirit
– Lillith, Eve, the Shekinah and archetypal connections

2012 and the Positive Timeline:
Truth Campaign

– Venus Transits
– Benevolent ET races, intervention
– Lower Alien Agendas, dark rituals, abductions
– Alternative 4 – positive human future
– Exposing Mars Colonies
– Mind Control, MILABS, Black Ops
– the roots and origins of the Illuminati
– Sacred Union and Ending Duality
– Restoration, regeneration, renewal and breaking free of the False Matrix
– GRIN technologies (genetic, robotic, information and nano) and organic path of light
– Stargate technology
– The path beyond technology
– Navigating the universe with soul mastery and wisdom
– Mastering the light body and organic path of ascension, breaking free from the archons control and inorganic influence
– Global Elite, HAARP, ELF, archons, photon belt, galactic races, starseeds, and global ascension
– Stairway to heaven, wormholes, Jacob's ladder, interdimensional gateways
– Preserving freedoms, deprogramming mind control victims and
deactivating dark techno-manipulators
– Issues of artificial intelligence, teleportation, warp drive and time travel
--The war between reptilian races and light beings of Christ/Buddhic consciousness

Divine Union:
Christ Sophia and Universal Healing

– Spirit becoming stronger than matter
– Magdalene's journey and her love for Christ
– Isis Osiris, Chirst Sophia, Inanna Dumazzi (and other names): the love story of creation
– The tales and tracings of the divine marriage ritual
– God/Goddess: how humanity plays out the separation and renewal of unity
– Uniting heaven and earth, through establishing the alchemical marriage within
– Integrating spirituality & sexuality, tantric oneness and bliss
– Death and Resurrection and the ethereal bodies of Christ Sophia
– Restoring the tree of life and the unity of love
– The story of Christ Sophia throughout time and before creation

Avalon and the Grail:
Myths and Legend

– Lady Alchymia, Ariadne, Brigit, Cerridwen, Danu, Rhiannon, etc
– Dark Goddess: kundalini power, shape-shifter, Crone
– Land as body of the Goddess, vesica pisces, yoni, labyrinth, healing chalice wells and springs
– Glastonbury Tor and the Isle of Avalon, Annwn – the Celtic other world
– Dragon Queens, The sidhe, faery and elfin races.
– Lady of the Lake, High Priestess, lotus and lily, mermaids and Melusine
– Tribes, culture and ancient history of the Druids, Celts, Picts, Scythians, Tuadhe' d'Anu, fir bolgs
– Starfire, Barat–Ana, Diana, Vesta, Rose of Sharon
– Grail legends, Camelot, King Arthur, Lancelot, knights, excalibur
- Holy Grail as a symbol, chalice and connection to Goddess womb
– Del Acqs and Du Lac, the blending of these energies being Magdalene
– Merlin - prophet and wise elder, Ariadne - the weaver Goddess of the Labyrinth and Silver Wheel
- Joseph of Arimathea, the Fisher King, Cernunnos, Pan and the Green Man


earth baby

Solving the Earth Crisis:
Critical Time for Humanity to Awaken

– What we can do as individuals to heal the planet, micro/macro
– News and root causes of emergencies, disasters, violence, war
-Sound healing, desalination,healing waters
–Thinktanks and councils for strategic problem solving
– Creating a global family and connecting the heart of world religions
– Promoting whistleblowers
– Politics and spirituality: working to connect government with higher wisdom and love
– Power of love vs. the love of power – relinquishing control
– Activating archetypal harmony through soul alchemy
– Nature vs artificial intelligence: how to reclaim divine will
– The inner voice of old authority affecting planetary healing
– Deprogramming
– Strengthening Earth's immune system
– Ending NWO- disclosure and exposure
– Repairing DNA through consciousness and nutrition
– Mayan Calender and the Goddess story and our own evolutionary path
– Grid-lines, vortexes - raising frequencies
– Military Industrial Complex and false flags - being aware


Global Transformation:
Creating out of the Labyrinth of Darkness

– Alchemy of the world soul, shifting consciousness
– Kundalini fire, hell becomes vessel of creativity
– Chaos in creation before transformation
– Journey of death and regeneration, making it out of the maze
– Inanna and Ishtar, and the many parallel myths
– Conquering fear, terror, pain and loss
– Finding unity in darkness, bringing all aspects of self into wholeness
– Embracing the dark Goddess aspects and facing her rage
– Defeating psychic warfare, demonic forces, mind control and attack
– Dangerous male archetypes and reclaiming power from patriarchy
– 7 gates of Hell, gatekeepers, lost souls and illusions
– Returning the Goddess cauldron of creation, immortality and regeneration
– Rescuing treasures and returning wisdom to humanity
– Philosopher's Stone: elixir of life, renewal and immortality

The Golden Age:
The Balance of Nature, Humanity and Spirit

– Eco-cities, green technologies, new design and enlightened lifestyles
– Plants and animals as medicine of the soul, communication with nature
– Seasons, 4 elements and the laws of nature within us, with the 5th element-spirit
– Humanity returning to source, moving in harmony with planetary changes
– Regenerating the earth and self by aligning to nature's flow, creating cosmic order
– Reclaiming freedom and the creative imagination
– Spirit infused in matter, divinity in all things
– Feeling nurtured on the journey of trust and surrender
– Becoming one with divine will
– Veil between life and death lifted
– Shapeshifting into higher dimensions
– Enlightened collective conscious creating peace on Earth