Stargate 2012


What if we can remember that we are indeed not that different from each other... that we all come from the same source...? What if we can suddenly realize that a much greater world exists... one that currently is blind to our immediate senses but infinitely accessible in ways that have been hidden from us for thousands of years?

What if we can finally see that we are living in a grand illusion... that the conflicts and turmoils we are seeing now are actually catalytic forces taking us to an age of great freedom and enlightenment?

Many ancient prophecies and new sciences from around the globe have been describing a stargate or dimensional portal that will be opening around 2012 and taking us into a higher reality. What if this is true?

Then... the end is the beginning of the ultimate transformation of consiousness.




Riding on the spinning cycles of soul throughout time... returning to our primordial origins and loving source. Birthing as divine sparks of light into an open canvas of potential... Creating images filled with the intricate details of all expression, in order to weave back into wholeness. Descending down into the density of matter to merge polarities, and incarnating over and over again for the purpose of liberating all.



1000 Goddess Names

Illuminating the cosmic wisdom of Sophia and the creatrix. Restoring the lost and exiled Magdalene, her grail and throne. The High Priestess arts of Isis and her gatekeeping of life and death. The fiery rage of Kali kicking out demons of false authority and transforming all ignorance to enlightenment through kundalini awakening. Inanna moving through the gateways of hell to embrace the dark sister and clear the world chakras. Ariadne the maze walker and weaver of the divine threads of nature's will. Venus waking herself out of the mystical waters of creation.



Activating the universal savior within. His emanation as higher wisdom in the depths of intuition. Grail knights bowing to he Goddess winds, mountains and seas of eternity. The fragmentation of Osiris, and his beloved gathering and restoring of his missing aspects. Paradise turning into a wasteland, and the thousands-of-year search for the missing Bride... to restore the kingdom of heaven on Earth.



The divine child becoming orphaned or wounded. Shape-shifting through the realms of dragon queens, fairies, and orbs, as self is restored to union with the divine parents. Clear seeing the unseen and the hidden unconscious and depths of self. Hands of light and sound constructing the mandalas of the Gaia matrix, human dimensions, and cosmic bodies.

Magical Child

Love &
Reuniting God and Goddess – the long awaited reunion of parallel journeying twin souls in hieros gamos, the consummation rites of deity lovers. Conceiving the new enlightened world first within, in partnership and then with all. Impregnating Goddess Earth the vision and presence of her consort Heaven, and increasing fertility of all the lands. Reclaiming her womb of creativity and transformation.


Stirring the cauldron of creation of overflowing magical waters of bliss, rainbow essences and sacred blooms of the open heart. Harvesting for elixir grails and herbal medicines to nourish the body as the supreme temple. Weeding out the tainted seeds of discontent and illness. Alchemy of the philosopher's stone and immortality. Full breathing into the heart of Mother Nature... that all in the web of life is in divine order.


Waking out of humanity's deep coma and craze. Conquering the shadow machine beasts and matrix manipulators. Meeting the dark lords and agents of the archons, and defeating the false light. Recognizing the dark as the womb of the Mother overtaken by patriarchal forces that are catalysts for our awakening. Lifting the veils that cover our true nature... Celebrating the end times as the ultimate gateway to true peace and freedom.








5th Element

wings of spirit creating through Earth


Starfire artworks

– Painting with prophetic vision and technique from the mind's eye.
– Illuminating profound symbolic imagery and wisdom.
– Capturing various dimensional realities, soul journey landscapes and creation themes.

Ocean Soul
drumming and dance

– Improv drumming, forming drum circles and reaching deep into the soul and oceans of Gaia.
– Merging with divine essence and raising high spiritual energy for transformation and enlightened consciousness.
– Spirit dance, tantric movement and free form.

Grail Lore
archetypal love story

– Myths, legends and love stories of the Grail quest.
– Interpreting ancient tribal culture, fairy tales and the archetypal soul of the Goddess
– Relating them to inner wholeness, divine union, collective growth and global healing.

See Laura's Journey for more info.







Insights and Revelations


  The return of Christ Sophia.
  Labyrinth journey, underworld, philosopher's stone, holy grail, and the many symbols of the Goddess.
  Building stargates and wormholes.
  The womb of Creation and the Mother of us all.
  Gaia and the rising kundalini of the Earth.
  The higher and lower Sophia: gathering her many aspects into wholeness.
  Creating the sacred union of Heaven on Earth.
  The reincarnation of Magdalene and the many faces of Sophia.
  The path of the Thousand-Named Goddess coming out of exile.
  The greatest love story in history.
  Global transformation and resolving the roots of evil.
  Battling the attacks and dangers of the Global Elite, ETs, and reincarnations of famous dark Creation Archetypes.
  Defeating hidden agendas and the false matrix.
  Spirituality and politics: completing the Magdalene and Eisenhower legacies.
  Living the ancient myths and Venus Transit 2012.



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