Myths and Stargates

– Has been in the process of creating wormholes and gateways in the cosmic soul body and universe (the underworld journey, labyrinth, philosopher's stone and stairway to heaven).
– Soul path is shifting eras and is aligned with Mayan calendar and Venus transits (many ancient civilizations have prophesized her return).
– Has been recruited to go to Mars by secret societies, as representation of Isis-Osiris, Venus and Sophia-Magdalene (the seed of a new creation).

studies: mythology, world history, anthropology, archeology, philosophy, comparative religion, feminism, creation theory, astrology, global calendars, shamanism, tribal culture, stargate technology, theosophy

Divine Law, Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy

– Expresses the divine law of love and justice in the universe.
– Able to create global transformation through alchemy, the universal law of love, divine will and the journey of the world soul through the underworld.
– Can guide humanity through higher wisdom, words of power, activation and diplomacy.
– Works continually to conquer inorganic, destructive entities and dismantle the false matrix.
– Addresses the results and current status of the Eisenhower–Alien treaty and Earth quarantine (without family’s acknowledgment).

studies: exopolitics, conspiracy theories, human rights, spiritual law and justice, communications, group dynamics, wilderness leadership, defense, global peacekeeping

Clairvoyance and Sacred Union

– Realizes the union of Christ Sophia and has been on the Goddess journey to plant the seed of this union in the depths of the underworld to merge polarities and bring Heaven and Earth together.
– Integrates all aspects of the Goddess into wholeness through resolving the dramas between the many archetypes and names of the male and female Deity.
– High level of sensitivity and clairvoyance, reads chakras and energy fields and effectively counsels others.
– Creates profound transformation in sessions and helps others find sacred union within.
– Guides intimate relationships toward hieros gamos – through tantra and clearing the imbalancing patterns and addictions due to the lack of polarity integration and unity in the individual soul.
– Works with the premise that divine union must first exist within the self for it to be experienced in a partnership.

studies: creation theory, psychology, relationship counseling, gender studies, world religions, ancient history, matriarchal cultures, Gnostic Christianity, Eastern mysticism, Kabbalah, clairvoyant reading, tarot, astrology, I Ching, divination arts

Natural and Energy Medicine

– Has the knowledge of letting the organic healing process take place in the material body – by aligning to the highest vibration while grounding in balance and integrity.
– Symptoms and issues are then brought to the surface to be alchemically transformed and released.
– Uses medical astrology, herbs and energy medicine to support this process in herself and others.
– Addresses epidemics and the imbalances in the collective consciousness in relation to the Earth and spirit, and strengthens the immune system of Gaia through illuminating the light and love within.

studies: naturopathy, herbology, nutrition, alchemy, chemistry, metaphysics, astrology, energy medicine, meditation, chakra/aura clearings

Music and Creativity

– Is a highly imaginative creator and weaver of sacred symbolic imagery and myths through music, dance and painting.
– Is a being of the tantric fire and kundalini of the highest rays of spirit, which are revealed in her many expressions of art.

studies: comparative literature, world cultures, poetry, music, visual arts, dance

Gaia Ecosystems

– Embodies nature's cycles, 4 elements, and the laws of love to make positive macro shifts.
– Her being is also the tree of life.
– Emotional body and womb are connected to the ocean depths and heart of the land, where the planet can be restored through her emerging feminine light.
– The healing frequencies and medicines of plants and animals exist in her Gaia soul.
– Advocates for green community, building and energy to correct environmental degradation.
– Experienced as a naturalist, who leads groups and independently navigates through extreme earth terrains.
– Expresses the quintessence of the web of life in her artistic creativity.

studies: environmental science, horticulture, wildlife conservation, biology, agriculture, landscaping, alternative energy, natural building, geography, adventure travel

Motherhood, Children and Family

– Divine maternal and universal leader and healer, who is a mother of twin boys (recognized reincarnated 'hero twins').
– Heals and takes on the controversial challenges of the family bloodline of the Eisenhowers and the current challenges that are being faced in this age.

studies: family counseling, child rearing, genealogy, matriarchal societies