Laura Magdalene has been a spiritual advisor for over a decade and has counseled hundreds of people leading them to greater insight and sense of purpose. With expertise in psychology, ecology, mysticism and metaphysics, she offers clairvoyant/spiritual readings and healings on one's higher self, soul mission, physical body and path to divine union.

A consultation is designed for the transformation that the client wants, and includes a variety of tools and topics described below. A good session will help one achieve a deeper inner fulfillment, more clarity on relationships and health, and stronger mission and leadership in the world.



Tarot: Revealing archetypal blueprints, looking at aura and chakras in card symbols, patterns and the energies influencing one's life. Many different layouts using Mother Peace/Thoth/Transformation decks.

Soul–Centered Astrology: Analysis of one's Natal Chart, North & South nodes, progressed charts, basic transits, relationship readings (synastry charts, composite charts, Davison charts and progressed composite charts).

Please first have a confirmed appointment before paying.
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Tarot Readings
w/ Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
Guidance on spiritual growth, physical issues and planetary mission.

* Rates are subject to change without notice.


Readings: Evaluating chakras and auras – the energy field of information and symbols inside and surrounding the physical body.

Counselings: Clairvoyant, intuitive and spiritual guidance on one's lifepath, soul mission, and connection to global change and evolution. Using words of power, creative wisdom, and Lady Alchymia (womb of the Goddess).

Healings: Soul retrieval, awakening kundalini and light body. Using energetic methods to clear blockages and bring the spirit back into the body.

Tools that can be used upon request:

Soul–Centered Astrology
: Analysis of one's Natal Chart, North & South nodes, progressed charts, basic transits, relationship readings (synastry charts, composite charts, Davison charts and progressed composite charts).

Tarot & Divination Tools: Revealing archetypal blueprints, looking at aura and chakras in card symbols, patterns and the energies influencing one's life. Many different layouts using Mother Peace/Thoth/Transformation decks.


You are a living oracle. You see everything, the whole kaleidoscope within the kaleidoscope and hundreds of images in each chakra. – a psychic teacher



Spiritual Breakthrough and Transformation

Healing of the lost soul archetype

– Make a spiritual breakthrough
– Achieve deep soul healing by being in the presence of compassion, understanding, guidance and love
– Discover the healing, transformative power of Sacred Union
– Restore psychological balance through deep emotional release
– Feel liberated in your expression and set yourself free
– Remove the blockages in your chakras through integrating spiritual love
– Be free of self-judgment, cruelty and guilt, in order to find your true light body
– Realign your self with life purpose, positive goals and better choices, and resolve patterns once and for all
– Break addiction, learn from mistakes, become the master of your lower self, and grow into higher wisdom

You have been my anchor, my hope and support through one of the hardest challenges I have gone through. You have helped me see things I would have been in denial about
. – a client who healed from liver cirrhosis




Love, Transformation & Creativity

Core Wounds and Healing
– Inner teacher, inner god/dess
– Discover root of all negative behavior patterns and blockages
– Make changes with strength and clarity
– Enhance self-worth by turning wounds into wisdom and power
– Release energy blocks and sources of foreign energy
– Soul retrieval, spiritual rebirth
– The 4 elements and how to balance them with spirit in our bodies
– Transform trauma, pain, anger and fear
– Master pain and loss
– Merge dualities/light & dark
– Find your way out of chaos and darkness
– Integrate fragmented parts and find wholeness

Spiritual Awakening/Soul Mission
– Discover past lives, be in present time, and create future reality
– Align to soul purpose and spiritual path
– Uncover what your spirit is showing you and teaching you in this life
– Access higher Self, inner wisdom, and healing abilities
– Return to oneness
– Embody illumination, peace, fulfillment
– Find love, compassion and forgiveness
– Access miracle vibration and ascend
– Enhance creative imagination and integrity

– Find the roots of any conflicts, imbalances or disharmony
– Heal relationships or move on from them
– Communication: how to express your truth with others
– Work on resolving co-dependency issues
– Heal old wounds, abuse and trauma
– Learn how to deal with endings, change, loss and new beginnings
– Twin flames/soulmates

– Work with family karma and dynamics
– Harmonize parent-child relationship
– Ground and release trauma
– Enhance communication and trust
– Release negative behavior patterns
– Achieve balance, stability and well-being


Health & Nature's Wisdom

Holistic Choices
– Heal root issues with astrology and the 4 elements
– Make healthy choices: break addictions and bad habits
– Balance the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical body
– Find specific nutritional supplements to take
– Choose foods that purify and rebuild
– Make diet adjustments and lifestyle changes with guidance and joy
– Names and properties of herbs
– When to take them and which ones to choose

Moon Cycles
– Align creativity and heal with the moon
– Plant seeds and harvest dreams
– Nourish the body on specific days and times, based on cycles and individual needs
– 4 phases and 13 moon calendar, and how to live in sync
– Use herbs with the energies of the moon cycles

Planetary Healing

Elements and the World Soul
– Heal the self, heal the planet
– Activate the divine will and restore the tree of life
– The body as heaven, earth and the underworld
– Connect to the four elements in nature, spirit and the world soul
– Fire: passion, anger, creativity, transformation
– Water: intuition, emotions, release
– Earth: body, land, grounding, well-being
– Air: intellect, sky, thought, vision
– Spirit: the fifth element


Golden Age
– Micro and macro, connecting to the Earth and its destiny
– Take responsibility for thoughts, lifestyle and perceptions
– Understand how to balance the body with nature
– Access the planetary healing mission within
– Co-create peace on Earth with divine will
– Mayan Calendar and our personal evolution
– Prepare for ascension through expansion
– Become an expression of Christ Sophia and Shiva Shakti
– Deprogram harmful patterns that block awareness
– Activate DNA and galactic blueprints of divine love in creation


Everytime you open your mouth, I feel the truth within my soul come to life. – a spiritual teacher




For inquiries and to reserve your session, please email laura.magdalene [ @ ]
Consultations are over-the-phone. Times are US Pacific.

Suggested Payment: Session costs are based on sliding scale, $50 (1/2 hr.) and $100 - $200 (1 hr.). , and $250 (90 min.)

Sessions are conducted over the phone, unless special arrangements are made. Limited spaces available per week, so book early for best times.


Please first have a confirmed appointment before paying with an email to; laura.magdalene [ @ ]
Payment in advance can be made easily through PayPal here (you can use a credit card). Laura's PayPal is in here full name;
Laura Bradshaw Eisenhower Mahon
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Clairvoyant Counseling Sessions w/ Laura Magdalene
Guidance on spiritual growth, physical issues and planetary mission.
Suggested Payment (sliding scale): $50 (30 min.) and $100 - $200 (1 hr.) and $250 (90 min.)
Custom Packages: Tailor a series to your individual needs. Feel at ease knowing that you're committed and save money in a package. Please email or call for more info.

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Release of Liability

By registering for a Reading with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, you the client understand and agree to the following:

Services are offered as confidential teachings, counselings and healings on lifepaths. They are intended to open the client to more self-awareness and reflection on their past experiences, present circumstances and future potential directions. Laura Magdalene regards her services as protective and spiritual, and make the transitions for the client as comfortable and safe as possible. The greatest tools to bring in order to have a successful experience are an open mind and heart.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower will not reveal any information that could be detrimental or harmful to the client. They do not guarantee the accuracy of their clairvoyant readings, nor hold any responsibility for how the client interprets the given information. Any service that involves a healing and removal of old energy blockages may cause a distinct shift and temporary disorientation in the client's field, thus s/he is completely responsible for taking any necessary health precautions. S/he is also solely responsible for any action taken based on the given advice or forecast. Their services are in no way a replacement for sound medical treatment or legal counsel, and are not intended for anyone under psychiatric care.

Suggested donation fees are charged for the expenditure of energy and time that Laura Magdalene uses for the client's benefit. By registering, the client releases Laura Magdalene from any legal, financial, physical, mental and emotional liability for their experience(s).


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