Donate to Cosmic Gaia Fund

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is launching Cosmic Gaia Fund as a nonprofit to support a variety of unique global healing projects with top pioneering inventors and leaders.

Cosmic Gaia Fund will help to:
– Maintain and expand website
– Develop important educational materials concerning the Return of the Divine Feminine (see Facebook page)
– Launch mainstream Truth Campaign
– Build peace in space and exopolitical diplomatic work between Earth and off-world civilizations
– Develop extraordinary healing water products and documentaries
– Bring forward highly effective conscious sound technologies
– Help individuals and humanitarian causes in dire need

Cosmic Gaia Fund is currently registering for a 501c3 nonprofit status. Donations will be tax deductible in the future.

Please donate now to support our initial web outreach efforts. Every bit goes a long way!

To make an easy Paypal donation now, please click below. (If you prefer to send a check, please contact us below.)


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Thank you for your support and contribution!



Dedicate your contribution to a dear one who needs healing, a community or nation you want to see uplifted, a conflict you wish to see a peaceful end, a child you want to help nurture, or a past sorrow you wish to resolve.

Feel the divine radiance and magnificence of that you always have been and who you are now ever more... As we are all remembering again... and returning to our original Source and eternity of One love and peace.