Strategies for Renewing the Earth


Main Principles:

• Ecological Regeneration
• High Creative Imagination
• Economic Balance
• Natural Systems
• Transformation
• Microcosm/Macrocosm
• Local/Global Collaboration

Holistic Healing

category: Science and Consciousness


Integrative Medicine

– Gaia and immune systems, healing the roots of epidemics, bioterrorism and war
– Humanity's well-being and empowering unity consciousness
– Nutritional awareness and healing waters
– Collaborating with inventors and scientists to reduce pharmaceutical dependency and encourage state-of-the-art organic-based, healing technologies
– Earth organism metaphysics and strengthening our planetary immune system
– Alchemical transformation through the 4 elements and nature, and healing the Earth through divine union
– Strategic analysis and problem-solving of the connection between Goddess suppression and epidemics, terrorism and war
– Self-fulfilling prophecies, negative projections and false programmings that all contribute to global imbalance and disease
– As within, so without; taking more responsibility for the conditions of our inner world to heal the outer world
– Actively bringing relief to places that need support, and increasing their ability to be protected and regenerate
– Restoring environmental wounds and depleting resources, and creating campaigns to support cultural change


– Stargate technology, soul mastery, wisdom and imagination to safely navigate other worlds
– Scientific cases and validations of psi phenomena, eg, government remote viewing programs
– Conquering negative frequencies, such as archons, HAARP and ELF, through spiritual power and awareness
– Preserving freedoms, deprogramming mind control victims and deactivating dark techno-manipulators
– Fixing the glitch in the matrix and ending the global elite's New World Order
– Issues of artificial intelligence, teleportation, warp drive and time travel
– Protecting human race and star systems, and stopping the breeding of negative alien races
– The war between reptilian races and light beings of Christ/Buddhic consciousness
– Universal Mother/Father and infinite spirit guiding missions in space
– Leadership of the galactic federation, and ethical, safeguarding missions
– Self–mastery and transformation through exploring the infinite mystery of the universe
– Stairway to heaven, gateways to higher dimensions, and becoming one with the laws of love, nature and the universe




Balancing Ecosystems

category: Society and Environment


– Ecological cities and sustainable development
– Improving ecovillages and healing communities that are lacking adequate resources
– Best and most effective forms of alternative fuel and energy, eg biodiesel automobiles
– Anaerobic digestion; producing renewable energy from waste material
– Purification of drinking water, lakes, rivers, etc
– Successful green architecture solutions, building with recycled materials
– Efficient energy resource management

Natural Habitat Restoration
– Protecting ecosystems in cities and populated areas
– Permaculture, organic farming
– Preserving rainforests, wildernesses, National Parks and natural resources
– Pollution control, reforestation, tree-planting
– Protecting all animals threatened or on the brink of extinction
– Creating healthier environments for zoo animals; putting animals back into the wild or wilderness reservations

Indigenous Cultural Preservation
– Linking the modern world with ancient knowledge, such as earth medicine, shamanism and native american wisdom
– Collaboration between culture, people and the environment; living in harmony with the Earth
– Sharing ancestral archetypes, myths, creation theories and cultural practices that assist in our highest evolutionary paths
– Bringing awareness to sacred sites, healing wells and springs, vortexes, ley lines and power centers of Mother Earth

Green Co-ops

Social/Economic Solutions
– Creating job opportunites and housing for challenged or displaced families
– Focusing on troubled, abused youth and women, providing counseling and support
– Fair wages for hard working individuals, creating new jobs in eco-city and green building development
– Getting food and supplies to those in need, creating festivals to raise funds for global healing
– Enhancing inner wealth and self worth through spiritual healing and empowerment
– Targeting programmings, destructive technologies and false truths that have negative impact on consciousness and planet
– Creating councils that problem-solve the greatest threats to our humanity and Earth and uncover the root issues

Eisenhower Family Visionary/Peacekeeping
– Strategic problem solving of war, disease and crisis
– Eisenhower legendary farewell speech, in which he coined the phrase "military industrial complex" (2005 'Why We Fight' documentary)
– Our own power and how we are the leaders and change
– Current events, disasters and negative media, as a reflection of our imbalance and disorder
– How the symptoms in our society reveal our spiritual health
– Revealing secret conspiracies, and transforming NWO
– The inner voice of old authority affecting planetary healing
– How to break free from skepticism, criticism and judgment in regards to spiritual awakening in the mainstream
– Laws that take away choice, free will, divine will and revolution
– Changing mass consumption, addictive behaviors, and harmful patterns through education
– Bringing politics into a greater awareness of what the Earth needs us to do
– The collective creative matrix, a revolution in spirit, and how to effectively complete the birth of the Golden Age
– Developing ways to educate society about the archetypes in creation and how to achieve balance on Earth

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes We should take nothing for granted Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.
– Eisenhower farewell speech


Adventure Learning

– Improving education for low-income populations and enhancing creative worth through enlightenment and simplicity
– Developing online classrooms that teach about spirit and divinity in nature, environmental issues and creating change
– Honoring mother nature and the natural world through encouraging volunteer clean-ups and youth advocacy
– Retreats and expeditions that give hands-on experience and recreational adventures through every type of wilderness and climate
– Sacred site tours, eg, Egypt, Mayan ruins, Glastonbury and Cornwall, Avebury, Australia, Native American ruins, American Southwest, Mexico and Brazilian rainforest


Transformative Creations

category: Art and Culture

Archetypal Storytelling

– Illuminating the Magdalene/Sophia story, and bringing the Grail quest, love stories and legends to life
– Assisting directors of cinema and theater to create scripts that reveal deeper messages and information relating to planetary healing, the sacred feminine and alchemical union
– Sharing interpretations of ancient tribal culture and symbols of the Goddess in relevance to modern living and evolution


– Bringing together musicians to share in the merging with divine essence
– Creating outlets for spirit dance, tantric movement and free form expressions
– Ending violence, addiction and destructive tendencies in culture and media
– Producing works with uplifting messages and effects
– Bringing artists together to display social change-inspiring creative works


– Creating many small events to raise awareness and funds for global healing, leading to a great worldwide Peace Festival
– Bringing different expressions of music, art and creativity alive in society that represent the sacred feminine and Goddess Sophia emerging
– Working with groups, musicians and celebrities to plan the itinerary and events of the Peace Festival that marks the shift into 2012 and Golden age
– Encouraging Christ-Sophia and the return of divine union and heaven on Earth in large cultural gatherings


I have been waiting for an Eisenhower to emerge We need another Eisenhower. – renowned cable news broadcaster

I like the way you think You directly speak your mind. – famous news anchor






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