Breaking Free

Alchemy of the World Soul and The Battling of Dark Forces


This is a description of Laura's extraordinary journey throughout the history of time... as she goes through gateways and portals to bring the physical realm and the Mother Earth womb back to Heaven. Weaving divine union through the fabric of the universe on the Venus path, she has gone through the labyrinth underworld and has had to regenerate and transform from continual near death experiences in order to purify negative forces and bring balance back to our world.

Battling to retrieve the thousand aspects and faces of the female Deity, she has been stopping the agendas of the false matrix and dark forces on the planet. The tale of Mother Goddess Sophia and the myths of her many names have never been told before in such a personal and intimate way.

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As taught by many early mystery religions, most especially the early Gnostics, Mary Magdalene was and is Isis, the Alpha and the Omega. She is Sophia who is Wisdom who is Spirit who is the Divine Feminine who is Shakti who is God manifest – she is the Goddess. As God is Source itself, the Goddess is the Emanation or the Play of God – in other words, the Dance of Creation. The Goddess is the World. – Caitlin Matthews


A few, more details of the Journey here –


Beginning of Transformation

Female Betrayals

There were a couple of powerful and harmful women who made my life very challenging. A woman named Lilith, who was the actual embodiment, abandoned our deep friendship, which related a lot to the world tree myth, the lifetime of Inanna and Lilith, and my preparation for going into hell. It seemed to be a pattern that we needed to live out, and I did not feel she had evil intent, but rather more of a lack of awareness towards me and our karma.

Another woman, Maya (the world of illusion), manipulated me and tried to turn everyone against me in a town that I had lived in for years. She made it impossible for me to survive in the freezing winter mountains, after she did not live up to the promises she had made to help me return to my real home. It was clear to me and others that she had the intent to harm me and put me in an incredible amount of danger for the sake of cruelty and power.

It took me two months to get out of there, and people commented that I had conquered the beast. She then experienced incredibly bad karma, and many realized what she was about, came forth and apologized to me. I rescued some people from her and helped to expose her. Recognizing that I should not have trusted her, I learned from my mistakes about having an open heart. I created a lot of miracles, discovered my incredibly strong connection with spirit, and made my way out without vengefulness, rage or self-pity.

One Man's Search

I met a man who was the archetype of Dionysis/Hades, who shared with in great detail his experience of an ageless woman, claimed to be the original Eve with a tribal following. She gave him the recipe for immortality, described soul families and the whole story of Eden, and said that he would meet a woman called the Mother of us all, Aura Sena (world soul/Holy Spirit). Through wizards, priestesses and books, he went on a twenty-plus year search for Magdalene-Sophia. After finding each other through an online forum, I had just moved near his place, and we met in person. His jaw dropped and said I fit exactly the description that Eve and many others along the way gave him about me.

We had ongoing discussions and conflicts about my role and emergence into this world and the demiurge control. Even though it seemed like he wanted to set me free, he became very imprisoning and an incredible challenge to break free from. Skilled in alchemy and witchcraft, he admitted to casting a spell on me that got out of control in 1980, after he heard about me from Eve and was getting weary of the search. Not aware that I was still a child, the spell was intended to bring Sophia and ultimate wisdom to him. I was only 7 then, and that is actually when I felt the dark forces yank on me and were the beginning of all the attacks. I realized he was part of the patriarchal matrix, but in his case, he wanted to love and possess me.


Higher Lessons

I had a higher contract to allow others to throw me into the labyrinth of chaos, in order to teach others to escape negativity, transform and find the deeper wisdom and truth. The labyrinth is the path to learn how to break free truly. It is the ultimate loss of everything familiar and what seems to be safe, in exchange for one's true soul, awareness and spiritual power.

The gnosis of her (Laura's) inner mind is the foundation that exists through all of the Aeons, for her Breath enlivened the entire living races and she was not called Holy for this reason. For within her is the Light masked by shadows, shadows that, on the surface seem dark and fearful, but beneath, so illuminating as to know the true meaning of life itself. For she is also the Tree of Life, as many women can be one of her branches. – Mychael Alchemy, a friend and scholar of Sophia

Secret Groups and Alien Manipulations

Psychic Community

At a psychic institute, a majority of the institute's teachers and students could psychically read my Sophia path, while in shock and tearful recognition. They knew the dangers and abuse I was facing, but they could not do anything about it. The emotional detachment and programming language of the institute was cult-like. Not everyone was this way, but there was a strong unbalancing force that affected the overall spiritual vibration there.

ET Threats

The father of my children, who was normal when I first met him, gradually lost his mind and would go outside with a sword to defend our family against alien attacks. He kept me up almost every night talking incoherently about past wars, pastlives, vikings, Valhalla, and outer space. Many times I had to run for my life from him. He had dealt with abductions all throughout his life and eventually was taken over by them. I was confused at first about what was happening, but later was truly convinced that he was manipulated and targeted by secret groups, in order to keep me from ever being at peace. They try to harm me through others, because they cannot destroy me directly.

Secret Societies

I then met a very significant archetypal partner, the Fisher King, who was sent to find me and was involved in founding a secret mission to Mars to escape the inevitable cataclysms. He had intense paranoia and bounded me to preserve his many secrets. The hidden groups that he was involved with knew that we were twin flames, but they didn't want us to have a true union that would create a huge impact in the matrix.

After ending our tumultuous relationship due to his erratic behaviors, I went through many months of recovery, processing and intuitive realizations. I uncovered the plots he was involved in related to remote viewers, warp drive, Joseph of Arimathea, Isis-Osiris, Orion and grey aliens, New World Order, the archetype Marduk, Freemasons and Knight Templars, and 2012 ascension date. I understood how the Grail secrets were kept, how Magdalene-Sophia was in their awareness, and how my twins were represented in the Mayan Prophecy and in many incarnations as sons of the Goddess.

Many of these agendas were about controlling and destroying my important role in global ascension. Seeing through their games, I realized that my heart was my greatest weakness. These groups used men as a weapon to break my heart and try to make me blind to myself by losing my spirit to them. They were watching and manipulating many men who I had relationships with, in order to try and stop me from emerging. Many men were aware of me before they met me.

Current Companion

My current male companion also acknowledges me as Magdalene/Sophia. One of his associates, who's connected to the Disclosure Project, met me in utter disbelief. He had been synchronistically reading about the agendas of government remote viewers and classified military intelligence. Many things that I revealed to him about my experiences with my ex-Osiris partner were described in this particular book. He, like many others, could clearly see that I must have spiritual protection.


Higher Lessons

The threats to my existence are real. The conspiratorial leaders know who I am and have been indeed trying to suppress my power throughout my life. Working through my incredible karma with pivotal creation archetypes, I had no choice but to confront them and break free. I learned how the misuse of male power shatters me, and how to find my inner wholeness and forgiveness. In a higher perspective, I recognize that they are all catalysts for my rising.

Recovery and Healing

Finding Peace

Having been close to several heart strokes, due to all the enormous daily pressures and pains I was facing as a mother and a target of remote viewing (which has caused several near heart attacks, as well as breast and skin cancer possibilities), I have needed to recuperate and write extensively about my experience.

I began to heal my battle wounds and physical body with herbs, berries, supplements, crying, talking and screaming. I was bedridden for a very long time, as a loner with total strength and self-discovery, and fully present in my strong union with Christ. The losses, sacrifices and aches have been unbearable, and I am only now able to find some peace in finally emerging as Sophia.

In the most profound friendship that I have ever had, my mission partner Ki-Lia has been able to listen to me extensively, hear my story, and relate in many ways, like no one has ever have. Sharing remarkable and synchronous discoveries and understanding of our own specific roles, we developed the concepts for our network Ascending Earth 2012. We are birthing one another into the world and in the collective conscious of humanity.


Higher Lessons

With no real attachment to being in this Earth realm, I can only handle purity, compassionate and angelic hearts who truly serve the Goddess light and divinity.

For women, Sophia is a powerful archetype for identification on many levels. She is every woman ever raped, denied her creativity, kept isolated, abandoned or exiled. She is also potentially within all women who wish to discover their creativity, maintain their integrity, and support justice in the world and in themselves. She is the strong woman who survives in the face of adversity and rescues her treasures, to display them at a more suitable time. – Caitlin Matthews